Testimonial Tatiana Pasashkova, MBA, 2018

I had a wonderful experience with the IAU faculty and staff. Everybody is very professional, friendly and ready to help students in any situation.

During my time at IAU, I took a lot of classes in marketing, finance, and management, that pushed me closer to my career. In my MBA program, I have learned the foundations of how to start and build my own business.

The quality of IAU programs are very high in general. I really enjoyed taking all of the classes in my MBA program. I enjoyed the structure of all the class. I loved the marketing class because the professor was really creative and there were many student-professor interactions. We also did role play and discussion during most classes to further our learning. Although most professors are very strict, they always give helpful feedback for how we can improve and guide us through difficult, unclear situations.

IAU provides support for students during their study and beyond. As a student, you are able to access an online and on campus library to help you in your studies at home or on campus. IAU encourages students to pursue their career goals by providing job boards and job listings on their website in a variety of industries.

The MBA program was very flexible. It was really amazing that I could make my own schedule and choose time for my classes. The school has three options for classes: morning, afternoon, and night. That gives students who are working an opportunity to customize their schedule to meet their needs. The class sizes were not big which allowed students to get more attention from the professors. Lastly, the tuition was very affordable, therefore a lot of students can afford it.

Testimonial received March 2019