Testimonial Suraghavi Bommareddy, MBA, 2017

I love being part of the IAU. Staff and faculty both are very knowledgeable and very keen on providing the best solutions to the students. Never is there a moment that I can even think of where I didn’t receive a proper response from the team. They are all very quick, helpful and spontaneous.

Having an international MBA is valued. Being with IAU made it easier and more comfortable to finish up my courses. All the courses are well designed and have great knowledgeable professors instructing them. I met a couple of my favorite professors as well! They were very helpful, exposing me and my fellow students to very meticulous lectures surrounding the course material. The classes and schedules were all designed to maximize students’ comfort for sure.

IAU courses helped me gain knowledge about business technology and that in return is helping me to understand the IT system very easily. I am increasingly able to relate to the system on business, technical, marketing and at sales levels.

It’s the best place to get an MBA degree. The more you focus, the more benefits you’ll get from your program. Real world exposure to business environments was a real possibility at IAU. I was selected to go to a workshop that IAU offered with Motiv institute. There, I learned how to design a new mobile application. A group of us were taken on a tour around the Google and Youtube workplaces in Los Angeles. Experiences like this and knowledge that I gained helped me to tune my professional career. I’m now a Technical Business Analyst for mobile app development team!

Testimonial received February 2020.