Testimonial Sharma, Pramod, MBA, 2016

From the beginning of my program, I was confident that IAU would provide all of the resources I’d need to successfully earn my degree. IAU’s academic staff shared information about how the courses would run, how to operate the online module, and where to access online learning resources. IAU instructors and staff were very friendly and helpful; they always assisted me very well!

My program not only provided me with a well rounded knowledge of modern business principles, but it also helped me maintain beneficial habits that promote continuous professional development in my life. The wide-ranging curriculum at IAU provided me with thorough knowledge on topics from accounting to business management and leadership. All of these things have benefitted me in my current professional life, but more importantly they have helped me plan my professional career. These specific experiences were crucial to establishing a network with experienced management leaders and professionals.

IAU’s programs are good and flexible because students can access courses anytime, anywhere; class sizes are planned well and with a balanced workload. The business research topics will benefit future students by allowing them to develop the skills necessary to compete for any professional role. Testimonial received July 2020.