Testimonial Nadason, Marimuthu, DBA, 2011

The structure of the lectures at IAU allows for shared experiences within the classroom, which was very useful, as many students come to IAU from all over the world. The teaching methods of the lectures are very appropriate and easy to understand, which fits working adults and distance learning students. Corporate Strategic Planning and Organizational Behavior are among the classes that were most beneficial for me. Various forms of materials, notes and books for reference were provided and recommended by instructors and advisors, which I found to be very useful for all the courses. In the classroom, we discussed case studies to help relate the knowledge we’d gained to its real-world applications.

My entire DBA program at IAU combined with my years of experiences have helped me progress in various fields. In the education field, I’ve been able to thrive in other roles at other universities such as Swiss School of Management as Visiting Professor (2019); Professor Emeritus at University Institute for International and European Studies, Netherlands (2018); Panel Expert and Professor under IIC University of Technology, Cambodia (2014) ;and gained Professorship from Stiching Eurogio University College, Netherlands (2014). Professional appointment under Industry – Puncak Niaga Holdings Berhad as an Independent Executive Director (2018-present) and served as Commissioner under National Water Services Commission (2007-2017) and Independent Director for Ombudsman for Financial Services (2004-2020). In 2019, I was elected as President of Consumers International that oversees 160 members throughout the world.

IAU offers benefits that are student-centered and aim to set students up for success: affordable fees, flexible schedules, and online learning —which is crucial during a pandemic. I personally believe that EDUCATION is a life long process and it should be progressive throughout life. Testimonial received December 2020.