Testimonial Ferdinand Lazaro, ASBA, 2019

The quality of the ASBA program is at a high level. I learned a lot from the daily discussions, lectures, and assignments. The lessons I learned and the experiences I’ve had, will definitely help me in the future. My college experience at IAU gave me an awareness of my strength and on branding myself.

One of the best things I’ve gained through my education at IAU is identifying my goals. It has helped me to prepare for my career – from building a professional resume up to dealing with the different networks I can form. Overall my experience with the faculty and the staff were great and enjoyable. They influenced me to work hard in the future. One of my professors once said that your education is the only thing that people cannot take away from you.

The program is awesome. The workload, class size, and the school timings are great. The program is well designed and the class schedule caters to working students. For future students, remember to go to class, handle the course wisely, get involved in daily activities, and make new friends. Learning is a lifelong journey!

Testimonial received April 2019.