Testimonial Altanzaya Darkhanbayar, MBA, 2019

My first goal was to open my own business in America. I wanted to learn how to start my own company and make it successful. Attending IAU has been a beneficial experience. Their program has taught me a lot about business. They provided classes such as Business Law and Business Strategy which really helped push my business career forward.

One class that I really enjoyed was Marketing Management with Professor Kahler. When I was taking this class, my company had just started up and I needed to grow my business. The course gave me valuable information on marketing and creative marketing ideas on how to grow my startup.

Overall, my experience at IAU has helped me in my career goals. The MBA program was great, and the class schedules were flexible. The professors were amazing mentors. Lastly, the class sizes had the perfect amount of students which allowed me to build relationships with my professors through class discussions and one-on-one conversations.

Testimonial received April 2019.