Testimonial Kutyba, Alexis, ASBA, 2019

All of the instructors at IAU are good and helpful. They take time to explain the lessons and the staff always listens and finds ways to help the students. For me, the organizational theory and behavior course, the principles of managerial accounting, and financial accounting we the most useful for my career path. The instructors that come to mind when I think of the ones who were really great are Professor Ira Lovitch and Dr. Christina Baker.

All the classes and internship experience helped me develop the international aspects of creating a company and working in the marketing field. I was able to obtain an internship at which I participated in a marketing project from the beginning to the final step. I’ve ended up using using the skills from that internship to create two companies since I’ve graduated from IAU. Additionally, my internship helped me develop a network that I’m still using for current and future partnerships.

I would recommend IAU to anyone looking for a great school. There’s wide flexibility of classes at IAU, so you won’t be sitting in a classroom all week long –but when you are in class, the size is appropriate and the professors will always be there to ensure you understand exactly what’s being taught. Their diploma is respected and the price is more than reasonable. Don’t hesitate to apply! Testimonial received June 2020.