How to Obtain A Social Security Number


  1. Meet with a Career Services Coordinator to discuss Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Internship Requirements.
    Contact a Career Services Coordinator by emailing to discuss how to obtain Curricular Practical Training (CPT). After a Career Services Coordinator explains the CPT employment guidelines, required CPT documents (Internship Offer Letter and Cooperative Educational Internship Agreement Form), and corresponding BUS 440/640 Internship Course, you may begin searching for employment suitable for your program curriculum.
  2. Find a suitable employer who will broaden your horizons in the world of management & business.
    During your interview, you must inform your employer that you are an F-1 student and would like to take the opportunity to gain more work experience through Curricular Practical Training (CPT) under his or her supervision. They will then see what great of a candidate you are and hand you an Internship Offer Letter.
  3. Fill out the Cooperative Educational Internship Agreement Form on the IAU website.
    You and your employer are required to provide live signatures on the Cooperative Educational Internship Agreement Form.
  4. Submit your Offer Letter and Cooperative Educational Internship Agreement Form to your Career Services Coordinator & enroll in the BUS 440/640 Internship Course.
    Contact a Career Services Coordinator by emailing to submit your CPT documents. If your documents are acceptable, you will be issued a CPT I-20 with your employer's information along with a DSO Social Security Number Letter. You will also be automatically enrolled into the corresponding BUS 440/640 Internship Course. You are required to obtain 2 internships (paid or unpaid) for a minimum of 8 weeks (1 session) in order to receive credit for this class. Failure to secure an internship will result in no credit received for this class.
  5. Gather the following necessary documents. No photocopies accepted, bring originals!
    • Passport
    • Original I-94 and/or original I-797 Notice of Action approval of F-1 status
    • Original CPT Authorization I-20
    • Original Offer Letter
    • DSO Social Security Number Letter
  6. Visit your local Social Security Administration Office and bring all necessary documents listed above.
    You can visit to find the closest Social Security Administration Office to you. For more information about Social Security for non-citizens, click HERE!