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Welcome the official source of IAU admissions forms and downloads.

Many forms are Microsoft Word logo_word forms that can be completed on your computer, saved, then emailed directly. This ensures that the information is legible so IAU can expedite your request quickly. The catalog and other documents available for download throughout this site are offered in PDF logo_pdf format. If you do not already have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click to download free Adobe Reader . We also use google forms that you can complete online to make processing requests even easier.


Admissions & Records Forms

logo_pdf Application for Admissions
logo_word Application to Convert to F-1
logo_pdf Admissions Portfolio Checklist
logo_pdf Authentication Request
logo_pdf Change of Method of Instruction / Status
logo_word Duplicate Diploma Order
logo_word Duplicate Id Request
logo_word FERPA Release
logo_pdf Migration Certificate
logo_word Resume Template
logo_pdf Transcript Request Instructions
logo_hyperlink Transcript Request
logo_word Update Information Request
logo_word Verification Request

Graduation Petition and Evaluation

logo_hyperlink ASBA Grad Petition and Evaluation
logo_hyperlink BBA Grad Petition and Evaluation
logo_hyperlink MBA Grad Petition and Evaluation
logo_hyperlink DBA Grad Petition and Evaluation
logo_hyperlink BAcc Grad Petition and Evaluation

Student Services Forms

logo_word Alumni Testimonial 
logo_hyperlink Student Grievance Form
logo_hyperlink Service Satisfaction Surveys for Various Offices

Catalogs & Student Handbooks

logo_pdf 2019 Catalog
logo_pdf 2019 Student Handbook
logo_pdf 2018 Catalog
logo_pdf 2017 Catalog
logo_pdf 2017 Student Handbook
logo_pdf 2016 Catalog
logo_pdf 2015 Catalog
logo_pdf 2014 Catalog
logo_pdf 2013 Catalog
logo_pdf 2012 Catalog & Student Handbook
logo_pdf 2011 Catalog & Student Handbook
logo_pdf 2010 Catalog & Student Handbook
logo_pdf 2009 Catalog
logo_pdf 2008 Catalog
logo_pdf 2007 Catalog
logo_pdf 2006 Catalog

Program Brochures

logo_pdf Program Brochure ASBA 2018
logo_pdf Program Brochure ASBA 2017
logo_pdf Program Brochure ASBA 2016
logo_pdf Program Brochure BBA 2018
logo_pdf Program Brochure BBA 2017
logo_pdf Program Brochure BBA 2016
logo_pdf Program Brochure MBA 2018
logo_pdf Program Brochure MBA 2017
logo_pdf Program Brochure MBA 2016
logo_pdf Program Brochure DBA 2018

Marketing Brochures

logo_pdf Marketing Brochure 2018
logo_pdf Marketing Brochure 2017
logo_pdf Marketing Brochure 2015
logo_pdf Marketing Brochure 2014
logo_pdf Marketing Brochure 2013
logo_pdf Marketing Brochure 2012
logo_pdf Marketing Brochure 2011

Student Support Forms

logo_word Change of Program
logo_word Course Substitution Request
logo_word Grade Appeal/Change
logo_word Leave of Absence (LOA)
logo_word Program/Course Withdraw
logo_word Repeat Course Grade Change
logo_hyperlink Reduce Fare Tap Card - Request for Documents


logo_word Internship Application & Co-op Edu Agreement
logo_word Internship Sample Offer Letter
logo_word OPT Application
logo_word TAP Application/Checklist
logo_word TAP Recommendation Form
logo_pdf TAP Handbook

Graduation Tracker

logo_pdf Graduation Tracker ASBA
logo_pdf Graduation Tracker BBA
logo_pdf Graduation Tracker MBA
logo_pdf Graduation Tracker DBA

F-1 Related Forms and F-1 Handbook

logo_pdf Affidavit of Support - IAU
logo_pdf Affidavit of Support - USCIS (Form I-134)
logo_hyperlink F-1 Program Extension Request Form
logo_pdf F-1 HandbooK (SEVP)
logo_word Reduced Course Load-Medical
logo_word Reduced Course Load-Academic
logo_word SEVIS Status Form
logo_word SEVIS Transfer-Out
logo_hyperlink Travel / Vacation Endorsement Request

Miscellaneous Downloads

logo_pdf Assessment Plan 2018
logo_hyperlink Employment Application (Administrative)
logo_word Employment Application (Instructor)
logo_pdf Evidence of English Proficiency Policy
logo_pdf TOEFL & IELTS Score Comparison
logo_pdf TOEFL ITP Examinee Handbook 2010

State Reporting

logo_pdf 2016 Annual Report
 2015 Annual Report
logo_pdf 2014 Annual Report
logo_pdf 2013 Annual Report
logo_pdf 2012 Annual Report
logo_pdf 2011 Annual Report

Performance Fact Sheet

logo_pdf Performance Fact Sheet ASBA 2015-2016
logo_pdf Performance Fact Sheet BBA 2015-2016
logo_pdf Performance Fact Sheet BACC 2015-2016
logo_pdf Performance Fact Sheet MBA 2015-2016
logo_pdf Performance Fact Sheet DBA 2015-2016
logo_pdf Performance Fact Sheet ESL 2015-2016
logo_pdf Performance Fact Sheet GCM 2014-2015
 Performance Fact Sheet ACACC 2015-2016
logo_pdf Performance Fact Sheet CACC 2015-2016