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People often ask me “when did you move to Los Angeles?”, and by that, what they really mean is “when did you start pursuing acting?” LA is such a mirage that thousands land here each day, from all around the world, to pursue that ever elusive dream of being on the silver screen. That’s why anyone who is here in acting “must have” come here to LA to pursue acting. I didn’t. Read more about Dr. Petra Lo’s journey.

When reflecting on the journey of the past 7 years, a journey through academics, work, family and faith, it is amazing to realize the capacity of the human being and our ability to find balance in our lives. I completed my Ph.D. in Business Administration from Northcentral University in April 2017, a journey which included many challenges of managing full time employment, raising 3 children, balancing my relationship with my wife and during my final steps, caring for and saying goodbye to my father and grandmother. Read more about Dr. Joseph Siegmund’s journey.