Testimonial Ferdinand Lazaro, ASBA, 2019

The quality of the ASBA program is at a high level. I learned a lot from the daily discussions, lectures, and assignments. The lessons I learned and the experiences I’ve had, will definitely help me in the future. My college experience at IAU gave me an awareness of my strength and on branding myself. One […]

Testimonial Jocelyn Hernandez, ASBA, 2019

Studying at IAU helped me with provided me tools to navigate working in America. Through classes and CPT, I have learned more about American businesses and gained working experience. One of the particular class, that was beneficial was Business Math. The hybrid method of the classes allowed me to fully understand the topics through classroom […]

Testimonial Ruth Barbosa, MBA, 2017

I am thankful for the opportunity to have been able to study at IAU with highly educated and experienced professors. The IAU staff was polite and helpful. Thank you IAU for providing me with theoretical and practical knowledge of business and management. The classroom-hybrid and online method of instruction is beneficial; especially for international students. […]