Testimonial Kamal Thapa, MBA, 2016

I had a great experience with IAU’s Faculty. They were very helpful, supportive and kind. I felt that they were always available when I had questions or needed help. The blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure in the teaching methods was very helpful. All classes were really beneficial. IAU helped us by providing all […]

Testimonial Jana Colak, MBA, 2019

Following graduation last year, I realized my diploma was more than just a piece of paper, it represented credibility, confidence and choices as I put myself forward professionally. Graduating from my MBA added a new level of credibility to my resume. Employers now know I had gone above and beyond to maximize my education. With […]

Testimonial Dipesh Subedi, MBA, 2019

I had a wonderful experience studying for my MBA at IAU. I admire the professors that I had the honor of taking classes with. They gave us their valuable time and shared with us their vast knowledge of business. They were truly inspiring. The classes provided me with a great foundation of knowledge of different […]