Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)


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IAU requires either evidence of an earned high school diploma, General Educational Development (GED) tests, or the successful completion of a degree program. The degree must be earned at an appropriately accredited institution or foreign equivalent. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Professional Experience:
IAU recommends 1 year of full-time professional experience, in any organization, including, but not limited to, private, public, for-profit, non-profit, start-ups, or established corporate organizations.

Information Technology:
Possess computer and internet skills sufficient to effectively participate in IAU’s pedagogical model and conduct research at the undergraduate level.

Evidence of English Proficiency:
IAU requires writing skills at the appropriate level. Proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English is essential to your success at IAU. If English is not the applicant’s native language, or if an applicant has not had his/her secondary education taught in English, s/he will be required to provide proof of English Proficiency. Since classes are taught in English, an applicant must demonstrate his/her ability to read, write and speak English.

Maximum Total Credit Awarded is 90 units: 
Transfer Credit (TRC): 90 units
Standardized Exam Credit (SEC): 90 units



The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program aims to develop students’ intellectual ability through an appropriate blending of business and general education. The program assists the student in understanding and developing the unique leadership qualities required to be successful in business functions, an organizational unit, or an enterprise. The coursework provides students with a solid business foundation in the field. An emphasis is on critical thinking, decision-making, and Christian ethical behavior. The BBA degree program is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore business administration and meet educational goals and enhance their career opportunities.



Primary objectives of this program include equipping students with the knowledge and ability to:

  1. Develop a broad foundation in general education fields of study with an emphasis on critical thinking
  2. Acquire a broad understanding of the business field and apply it to a global contemporary business environment
  3. Demonstrate written and oral communication skills
  4. Understand the basic concepts of supervision and leadership, and apply leadership skills at the individual and group level
  5. Understand how Christian teachings, ethical principles, and core personal values are involved in business decision-making, and develop a Christian global perspective with respect for diverse cultures and faiths



Instruction can be completed through classroom-hybrid and/or online instructional methodologies.



  1. Complete 120 semester units of prescribed curriculum.
  2. Complete a minimum of TWO internships.
  3. Complete all required course work with a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  4. Apply for graduation and meet all academic and financial requirements.
  5. Maintain lawful status.



ProgramStandard (Yrs)
Full Time
Standard (Yrs)
Part Time
150% (Yrs)
Full Time
150% (Yrs)
Part Time
Bachelor Degree5107.515


BBA General Education Module & Core ModuleUnits
Communication & English
5 Required Courses
15 Units
COM 100 Intro to Mass Communication3
COM 200 Public Speaking3
ENG 100 English Composition3
ENG 200 World Literature I3
ENG 300 Critical Thinking3
Social Sciences
3 Required Courses
9 Units
POL 100 Introduction to Political Science3
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology3
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology3
Math & Sciences
4 Required Courses
12 Units
BUS 150 Business Math3
ENV 100 Introduction to Environmental Science3
INT 100 Introduction to Information Technology3
INT 150 Computer Applications3
Religious Studies
3 Required Courses (Choose 3)
9 Units
REL 100 Introduction to Religion3
REL 110 Introduction to the Bible3
REL 200 Religions of the World3
REL 300 Global Perspectives on the Old Testament3
​REL 310 The New Testament 3
REL 320 ​​The Gospels3
Core Module
14 Required Courses
42 Units
ACC 100 Principles of Financial Accounting3
ACC 200 Principles of Managerial Accounting3
BUS 100 Introduction to Business3
BUS 300 Business Ethics3
BUS 310 Business Law3
BUS 400 Business Strategy and Policy3
ECN 200 Introduction to Microeconomics3
ECN 210 Introduction to Macroeconomics3
ECN 300 Money and Banking3
FIN 300 Fundamentals of Finance3
MGT 300 Principles of Management3
MGT 320 Organizational Theory and Behavior3
MGT 400 Operations Management3
MKT 300 Marketing3
Elective Module
11 Required Courses
33 Units
The Electives Module requirement can be fulfilled by taking any undergraduate courses that are not already a requirement. Undergraduate course codes are 100-499.33
BBA Total Units

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* Source:

11-1011.00Chief Executives
11-1021.00General and Operations Managers
11-2022.00Sales Managers
11-3011.00Administrative Services Managers
11-3051.00Industrial Production Managers
11-3071.01Transportation Managers
11-3071.02Storage and Distribution Managers
11-9021.00Construction Managers
11-9151.00Social and Community Service Managers
11-9199.01Regulatory Affairs Managers
11-9199.02Compliance Managers
11-9199.03Investment Fund Managers
11-9199.04Supply Chain Managers
11-9199.07Security Managers
11-9199.08Loss Prevention Managers
11-9199.09Wind Energy Operations Managers
11-9199.10Wind Energy Project Managers
13-1051.00Cost Estimators
13-1111.00Management Analysts
25-1011.00Business Teachers, Postsecondary



Assistant Manager (11-9199), Bookkeeper (43-3031), Executive Assistant (43-6011), General Manger Assistant (11-1021), Marketing Assistant (13-1160), Office Assistant (43-6010), Sales Associate (41-3099), Sales Associate Intern (41-0000), Salesperson (41-3000), Second Manager (11-9199).


BBA Snapshot Apply Now