Testimonial Zaid Harbi, BBA, 2008





The online learning program was very useful comparing with my limited time for work and family. I was under the supervision of Dr. HASSAN and his door was open all the time for me. As a matter of fact, Dr. Hassan scheduled time for me to meet him after each course to review what we did during the course and what I have to do for the next course. The administration at IAU treats the students as family members more than colleagues.

The programs and the courses that I went through at IAU were completely beneficial to my career, but the following three courses were the core of my career – GED 120 Supply Chain, BUS 200 Principle of Management of Logistics, and BUS 300 Inventory Control.

The BBA degree from IAU was fruitful to my life especially to the career, it has made significant changes in my knowledge and led me to a successful path. Currently, I’m regional manager for RUS Aviation INC. in North America. Recently, I have applied to the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program in Colorado Christian University (CCU). CCU has accepted the credit transcript from IAU and applied 33 credit hours to the CRJ program.

In my personal perspective, IAU programs are appropriate to every student, regardless the student age, race, and location. Testimonial posted May, 2016.

Regional Manager
Texas, USA