Testimonial YoungSeung Kuk, MBA, 2013





Professor Ira comes to mind because of the way how he invites to think of the concept and repeats the important aspect of any topic so that you could remember it in the end.

IAU Faculties are always there when you have any questions or assistance. I would say all of them are very approachable and friendly. I personally believe director Ryan Doan sets this tone at the top and I have nothing but respect for him and his faculty members.

I personally found the business law class very useful because I was tested on the same topic on my CPA exam. In addition, having the fundamental knowledge about the law is a “must have” if you’re considering to start your own business of any kind. The textbooks were always available on campus as the textbooks can be very costly. If you have the will, everything you need is provided.

I started the course knowing that I was going to be a CPA but taking the MBA classes challenged me to consider starting my own practice someday.

If I had to describe IAU as one word I would say the “flexibility”. If you’re caught up with busy life schedule and your hands are loaded, then you would definitely need the flexibility that IAU can offer.¬†Testimonial posted May, 2016.

Junior Accountant
Lee & Co., CPA
Irvine, CA, USA