Testimonial Shraddha Bahuguna, BBA, 2012





I am a recent graduate from International American University, BBA Program. International affiliation was the first of its kind then in Nepal. But, with the immense support from IAU and its ever conducive staff, the journey was incredible. I especially would love to mention Ryan Doan and Maylin Mendez who were always there for us. I have a lot to learn a lot from them, not only lessons of business but lessons of life indeed. Ryan Doan’s session used to be a blend of learning and fun. A smile resided through out his session with intense guidelines for students as well as prospective employees. “Thank you sir.”

BBA program has been well designed. Courses are quite relevant. Program has been designed in a way that covers all the possible prospects. It makes student capable enough of facing tough competition in future. I personally enjoyed the subjects of Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship which taught us how we can lead rather than merely being followers.

IAU has been a great support in career building. Today I have grabbed a job opportunity, am confident, meticulous, focused in my workplace and I owe my achievements to IAU.

Come and be a part of IAU, I assure you that you will not be disappointed and success would be your next accomplishment. Thank you IAU for your consistent supervision, love and support. Proud to be an IAU alumni. Testimonial posted May, 2016.

Holiday Consultant
Kathmandu, NEPAL