Testimonial Shailendra Singh, MBA, 2012





I had a great experience. The program helped me to uplift my inner-talent, motivated me to do something, taught me equality, learn from your own anecdotes, and practically. It bombarded my mind with a different and special environment. IAU teaches us, “If you have a will, then toil. If you have a talent, then show it as well.”

IAU provide a platform for curious learners and for those who want to lead the rest from the front. Instructors & IAU staff were very friendly, vibrant, and distinctive. They are ready to support every student each and every time.

So as to impact quality education with a new vision, KINGS is a natural outcome of institutional expansion of the education system of the country and provides a complete package of academic excellence to the students. Furthermore, the college includes a respect of tradition with sprawling infractures, sports and academic facilities, career development, and placement, as well as public relationship management.

Life is a learning process but the appropriate environment is compulsary to execute your plan. Career counseling, interaction, and execution is what I had learned from KINGS. Decisions are neither good nor bad, but we have to make them good or bad by our implementation. That was the main point we learned from college. That’s what helps us to make strong public relationships. Testimonial posted March, 2016.

Ph.D in Management Candidate
Amity University
Noida, INDIA

Shailendra Singh
Managing Director
Western International Business School
Dhangadhi, NEPAL