Testimonial Sanil Kimmatkar, MBA, 2010





“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Impelling words Sanil Kimmatkar, 23, have spent his past years living by.

Like many other international students, Sanil faced incredible amounts of hardships upon his arrival in the United States. The major differences in culture as well as language barriers and steep tuition fees can take a toll on a then 20-year-old student from India. But nothing can hold Sanil back from creating his own future.

In December 2007, two years after enrollment, Sanil received his bachelor’s degree in the business field of Information Technology at International American University (IAU). He then decided to obtain his master’s degree in Management at Lincoln University, accredited by ACICS, located in Oakland, Calif. Student fees became an uphill battle for Sanil, in which he would work double shifts at Taco Bell and a cellular phone retail store. “I use to start my day by working in a cell phone shop, attend school during lunch time, and then finally end my day by working in Taco Bell,” Sanil reminisced.

Keeping up with payments of student fees had reached its critical peak, and Sanil had to take time off from the university. Sanil said he felt frustrations, but it couldn’t deter him from his life course. Sanil ultimately came to the conclusion that IAU was the best choice in continuing his higher education and enrolled for the MBA program in January 2008.

“IAU has the credentials in creating knowledgeable students that are strong enough to deal with the real world and achieve goals in their lives,” Sanil said. Testimonial posted May, 2016.

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