Testimonial Sammie Daravong, MBA, 2012

I was an on-line student. It was a little difficult as an online student to get a full grasp of learning online in comparison with a classroom setting. I liked the teaching methods of weekly reading sessions and weekly homework with feedback from the professors worked best for me. The workload was perfect for me to balance out my studies and work at the same time. This way, I knew exactly how I did on my homework. It also gave me a chance to make corrections if I didn’t get it right and receive feedback from my professor as well. Professor Michael Kinnen was very helpful in helping me through my challenges in my financial management class. He scheduled appointments to meet and provide one-on-one tutoring sessions.

I believe that the instructors and IAU staff were very helpful during my time at the college. I attribute my attainment of an MBA to the helpful staff and special thanks to Pauline Kim and Ryan Doan. Pauline was especially helpful with my class registrations and keeping me on schedule with my classes. Ryan was always quick to respond to my concerns and keeping me involved in school activities and connection with my professors.

I believe BUS 510 Financial Management and BUS 700 Business MBA Capstone classes were the most beneficial for me since my major was Finance. Of course, the on-line program offered me the flexibility to balance my work schedule with the online classes. I found the classes prepared me in getting a job in my field and a start in a new career.

During my studies, being able to do everything on line was very helpful. For example, I live in Anaheim and going to register in Los Angels (Wishire) was quite a drive and hard for me to take a day off from work. I was able to register and upload all the homework on-line, as well as reaching out to the professors or the ability to get guidance from the eLibrary.

I benefited from my MBA degree from IAU in terms of planning my career. Many jobs that I been applied required a degree at least BA, BS or MBA. Having my MBA had helped a lot in landing an interview and getting my foot in the door. My experience of learning and understanding of finance through the Financial Management class prepared me for my new role as a Financial Analyst at Kaiser Permanente.

The flexibility of on-line class is very accomodating to many students who are working and want to earn a higher degree to help them with their career. The class size and the workload was perfect for students to learn and gain experiences to get a job. The specific topic or class that I feel future students will benefit from it depends on the students major or career field he/she wants to get into. For example, I am a finance major and all the finance class was beneficial to my job. I owe a special thanks to IAU, each professor, and every staff member in helping me achieve my goal. Testimonial posted May, 2016.

Financial Analyst
Kaiser Permanente
Pasadena, CA, USA