Testimonial Rammohan Sundaram, MBA, 2007





The methodology in distance learning is a tricky one with most schools and to that effect I was surprised when I was given priority as an international student who was studying in different time zones. Though my previous PGDM did help, it was instructors and professors at IAU who made me feel belonged with their pro-active and timely guidance to ensure not only am I well prepared with my tutorials before my exams but also for all my project related work.

I am an entrepreneur and someone who has risen through the ranks working in Fortune 500s before launching NetworkPlay in India and therefore the instinct of building business was extremely high and to that effect the marketing, operational excellence and processes driven subjects were all very intuitive for me to get highly involved during the program. All relevant tutorial guidelines, online library access and reference course material online were all made available whenever I needed them.

I already had embarked into a successful career and doing this course for me was more to refresh my mind and get prepared after 10 yrs of no traditional learning, which was the same reason why I also went to Harvard last summer. Preparing for ones career is a constant process and it is on the individual to determine what kind of learning help one keeps abreast with latest techniques and also in tune with times in the changing world of business and economy. Keeping that as perspective I think that all the learning has only added to my repertoire of being a thorough professional.

All foreign students who are either going to the campus or doing the distance education program can be rest assured that all electives at IAU are designed keeping in mind student’s pre-requisites, availability of time of the student/professional and their desire to learn. This is in itself is very different to most institutions world wide and therefore it is a highly flexible bunch of teachers and administrators who will ensure you win at all times. Testimonial posted May, 2016.

Chief Executive Officer
NetworkPlay Media Pvt Ltd.
New Delhi, INDIA