Testimonial Ramesh Upreti, BBA, 2012





I feel immense pleasure to be part of IAU. The university creates opportunities for the students through its teaching – learning methods. Theoretical knowledge embedded with presentation, field visit and report generation aid students optimally utilize their time in research and consequently build confidence, dedication and maturity in them. I am confident that upcoming students are in haste to join IAU to create a bright platform for their future.

Currently, I am an MBA student at University Hohenheim, Stuttguart, GERMANY. My school upgraded me to join university in my nation. Nurturing and mentoring from IAU transposed me to an international level. Discomforts are part of life; the other way around is ‘How to ease the situation?’ and IAU energized me with confidence, dedication to encounter the obstacles in life through its new approach in learning methods. All in all, the university develops students into able citizens of the nation to overcome all the circumstances.

The instructors are highly qualified and experienced. They have keen interest in tutoring students to cope up with the changing world. A well-equipped library to meet the needs of the students’ course and career building books is the other important field of the university. It is accompanied by the advanced PC lab for the students’ research purpose.

Instructors in marketing, organizational behaviour, strategy transformed my way of thinking in this tough world and today I am proud that I have learned how to study these complex global activities. Ryan Doan and Maylin Mendez always supported me during all the difficulties. They were also eager to help how I had to move along with the new world. Their support during the pros and cons is always fresh in my mind. Ryan taught me how to blend happiness and the knowledge to remain fresh at all times while Maylin presented regarding the punctuality in the task.

Thank you IAU so much for your incredible support during my Bachelors. Special thanks go to Ryan Doan and Maylin Mendez. Testimonial posted May, 2016.

MBA Candidate
University Hohenheim
Stuttguart, GERMANY