Testimonial Lam Nguyen, MBA, 2011





My name is Lam Nguyen and I am a recent graduate of the MBA, Class of 2011 program. This experience has given me the opportunity to truly grow in my education, apply the theories taught in the courses to practical use in my personal business venture and aided my acceptance into a medical graduate program. IAU’s program gave me leverage at Mount St. Mary College in Los Angeles for my graduate program. The courses are well taught and challenged my thinking. The MBA program truly sets the bar for a great higher education institution because we are encourage to think outside the box, yet still adhere to a tradition school of thought. I am amazed at my progress and what I have learned during the program. IAU’s staff and faculty truly encouraged and support my education; I am truly grateful and appreciative of the program. Today, as an alum, I am furthering my education at a medical graduate school, but I know I will apply my knowledge and the education I received at IAU in my future endeavors. Thank you again, IAU for the education and the foundation for future growth. Testimonial posted May, 2016.

Doctor of Physical Therapy candidate
Mount St. Mary College
Los Angeles, CA, USA