Testimonial Carmi Dungo, BBA, 2016

Dungo, Carmi_testimonial_160524




I loved how the style of hybrid classes gave me the comfort of completing the classes easily. It gives students a chance to interact directly with professors in a classroom setting, while at the same time it offers a modern way through the online portal. The instructors and the IAU staff were always very helpful and accommodating.

For me, being in a business setting, every class was beneficial. The BBA program was designed specifically to benefit students who want to be in the business industry, whether it be as business owners or as part of the inner-workings of a business. IAU offered a computer lab, library, and tons of online resources to help us with our courses.

I am trying to learn how business is done in the U.S. I do have plans of running my own business someday. Being able to have a good background through my studies at IAU helped me to understand more. It also helped me look at business concepts from several different points of view.

I’ve always said that going to IAU was the best decision for my business school education. It really gave me the flexibility that I needed to fit my personal schedule. In terms of workload, it was very reasonable. I was even able to take more classes than I would typically be able to complete simultaneously. Students will truly benefit from the school because the curriculum is informative and the school is very accommodating. I have tried other schools and IAU is where I stayed to get my degree. I continuously recommend the school to every person I meet. Testimonial posted May, 2016.