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I would like to express my gratitude to the International American University (IAU) for providing me with combined academic and applied knowledge in business and management administration, as well as a personal and practical way of living. I am grateful to be mentored by competent and accomplished professors during my MBA program of study. I am thankful to have been able to learn alongside professors who have extensive and reputable backgrounds in their field of expertise. They provided ideas and approaches that are applicable in real life situations. Read more from Ruth Barbosa, MBA 2017.

I am thankful for the opportunity to have been able to study at IAU with highly educated and experienced professors. The IAU staff was polite and helpful. Thank you IAU for providing me with theoretical and practical knowledge of business and management. Read more from Nansalmaa Munkh, MBA 2016.

Throughout my time at IAU, the academic advisors have been very attentive and helpful. I found that classes in finance have been beneficial in my career and personal life. I am hoping to become a manager at an IT company. Read more from Bahadir Selin, MBA 2016.

Lifelong learning is becoming an imperative today, and IAU is a great place to earn a degree no matter how old you are. I was not only given the opportunity to teach ESL as part of IAU’s faculty but also was encouraged to obtain my online MBA degree. Having a family means little free time, but the online courses gave me enough flexibility to study. Both the instructors and IAU Staff were very helpful and responsive whenever I had a question or any other study-related issues. Read more from Susan Rath, MBA, 2017.

I came to America in hopes of being “successful” and to experience the American business culture as an F-1 student. I enrolled in IAU in pursuit of my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Degree since I have always wanted to put up my own business, run it, and make a lot of money.  However, the more I experienced and learned from the school, the program, and from my CPT-my perspective about life, business, and success evolved. Read more from Anthea Lopez, MBA, 2017.

I've always said that going to IAU was the best decision for my business school education. It really gave me the flexibility that I needed to fit my personal schedule. In terms of workload, it was very reasonable. I was even able to take more classes simultaneously than I would typically be able to complete. Students will truly benefit from the school because the curriculum is informative and the school is very accommodating. I have tried other schools and IAU is where I stayed to get my degree. I continuously recommend the school to every person I meet. Read more from Carmi Dungo, BBA, 2016.

Three years of working experience following my Bachelor degree birthed a hunger in me to achieve higher education, knowledge, and experience on a larger scale. This MBA program helped to fuel me up for a more challenging road ahead. Read more from Vi Ma, MBA, 2016.

Pursuing an MBA from International American University is the best choice for any international student seeking for a more personal MBA class experience. In this school, we were treated as family and friends and not as student. Read more from Lolita Catanese, MBA, 2011.


I feel immense pleasure to be part of IAU. The university creates opportunities for the students through its teaching - learning methods. I am confident that upcoming students are in haste to join IAU to create a bright platform for their future. Read more from Ramesh Upreti, BBA, 2012.


I believe that the instructors and IAU staff were very helpful during my time at the college. I attribute my attainment of an MBA to the helpful staff and special thanks to Pauline Kim and Ryan Doan. Read more from Sammie Daravong, MBA, 2012.


IAU gave me so many things regarding my career. It gave me a global exposure. All in all, IAU has transformed me to a man from a boy. I credit this to IAU and I am beholden for that. Thank you so much IAU for all your love and support. Read more from Bishal Subedi, BBA, 2011.


The benefits to studying at IAU were to be able to create a strategic marketing plan and manage my company. I learned the importance of public relations and the role of the company image for marketing purposes. Further, I learned that networking opportunities are really about building relationship for future marketing and business strategy. Read more from Djaja Sungkono, MBA, 2013.


BBA program has been well designed. Courses are quite relevant. Program has been designed in a way that covers all the possible prospects. Today i have grabbed a job opportunity, am confident, meticulous, focused in my workplace and I owe my achievements to IAU. Read more from Shraddha Bahuguna, BBA, 2012.

Working with such a varied group of students was extremely valuable - shared insights and experiences all enhanced my business learning. The MBA provided me with a wide set of skills and the capacity to use them in a variety of scenarios. You can employ specialists, but you need to have a robust understanding of everything that goes on in a business,  and that's what the MBA delivers. Read more from Sangan Goudar, MBA, 2010.

It was a tough decision to select the correct university to follow my MBA program. However, looking back, I am convinced that I made the right decision by selecting IAU. Their program was a fine combination of theory and practical application. Read more from Panduka Weerasingha, MBA, 2013.

First of all, the staff and faculty are very kind. I got an excellent help by the staff and faculty. Economics was particularly helpful. The program is fantastic. Read more from Mohammad Ali Alomari, DBA, 2008.

All foreign students who are either going to the campus or doing the distance education program can be rest assured that all electives at IAU are designed keeping in mind student's pre-requisites, availability of time... and their desire to learn. This is in itself is very different to most institutions world wide and therefore it is a highly flexible bunch of teachers and administrators who will ensure you win at all times. Read more from Rammohan Sundaram, MBA, 2007.


International American University provided the flexibility that I needed. At the time I attended IAU, I was an active Marine. When I was on active duty, it was almost impossible to attend any school. IAU brought to me the possibility to continue studying without stopping my service to my country. Once I was discharged, my Bachelor of Business Administration degree helped me to negotiate my salary at Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Irvine, CA where I was hired as a Clinical Research Assistant. Read more from Ronald Wade Agin, Jr., BBA, 2007.


I feel very comfortable communicating with IAU Staff who are down-to-earth persons and ready to lend a helping hand to me any time I need especially Ryan Doan, Maylin Mendez, and Pauline Kim. They provided exceptional and commendable services to me. I strongly recommend working students or adults who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge in order to advance their career within the organization or elsewhere to pursue online BBA or MBA programs here at IAU. Read more from Ngo Pau, BBA, 2011.

testimonial_awanhIAU's MBA is a well designed program, based on the best and up-to-date curriculum in the market. Although the whole program was a great experience, the subjects that won my interest the most were Business Law, Marketing, and Operations Management. And finally, I enjoyed the MBA Capstone project where I got the chance to utilize all the skills and techniques learned during my MBA. The online resources remained available during the entire study program. I benefited from the school library. Read more from Habib Awan, MBA, 2011.


It's an immense pleasure for me to be a part of IAU's family. Joining IAU's BBA program at Nova has helped me to nurture my skills, potentialities and knowledge. The IAU BBA has given me the confidence to move ahead in my career. Read more from Jems Joshi, BBA, 2013.

I found the mix teaching system and methods implemented at PBS, an IAU affiliate (ASC) in Nepal, enhanced the learning experience immersion programs, mentored study, simulations, team challenges, practicums and 'toolbox' of competencies to solve problems and face the real world. Read more from Sarala Karki, MBA, 2013.


This experience has given me the opportunity to truly grow in my education, apply the theories taught in the courses to practical use in my personal business venture and aided my acceptance into a medical graduate program. IAU's program gave me leverage at Mount St. Mary College in Los Angeles for my graduate program. The courses are well taught and challenged my thinking. Read more from Lam Nguyen, MBA, 2011.

Paudel, Krishna_testimonial_160408

Most students enter college with a major or career path in mind and most students end up changing their minds. Exploring is a very important part of the academic process, and gaining work experience is a great way for students to acquaint themselves with a field they are interested in. By the time of graduation, the students have confidence that the degrees they are receiving are the right degrees for them. Read more from Krishna Paudel, BBA, 2014.


I had a great experience. IAU provide a platform for curious learners and for those who want to lead the rest from the front. Instructors & IAU staffs were very friendly, vibrant, and distinctive. They are ready to support every student each and every time. Read more from Shailendra Singh, MBA, 2012.


The BBA degree from IAU was fruitful to my life especially to my career, it has made significant changes in my knowledge and led me to a successful path. Currently, I'm regional manager for RUS Aviation INC. in North America. In my personal perspective, IAU programs are appropriate to every student, regardless the student age, race, and location. Read more from Zaid Harbi, BBA, 2008.


This experience has given me the opportunity to grow in my education and career. The courses are well presented and challenged my way of thinking. The BBA degree from IAU has brought great success to my life and especially my career at Broadcom Corporation. Read more from Belinda Wong, BBA, 2012.

testimonial_Niranjini K

All the subjects we had during the course were very pragmatic and dynamic. Working on live case studies, presentations, discussions and brain-storming sessions out did conventional teaching.These teaching strategies has made me understand the purpose and the concepts; the best. Read more from Niranjini K, MBA, 2010.

My participation with IAU university was by far one of the extreme experiences of my life. It is a nice place to study and learn from multi-national students. I strongly recommend the International American University to anyone who is interested in a countless opportunity, not only grow as a person, but also develop the knowledge in multiple programs they offer and have a enhanced job opportunity. Read more from Mohsen Tavakoli, DBA, 2008.


IAU has really helped me develop my potential and provide practical knowledge. I would like to thank IAU for helping me to gain quality education and for all the love and support. Read more from Manuja Koirala, MBA, 2012.


IAU has the credentials in creating knowledgeable students that are strong enough to deal with the real world and achieve goals in their lives. Read more from Sanil Kimmatkar, MBA, 2010.


IAU Faculties are always there when you have any questions. I would say all of them are very approachable and friendly. I personally believe director Ryan Doan sets this tone at the top and I have nothing but respect for him and his faculty members. Read more from YoungSeung Kuk, MBA, 2013.

I am deeply indebted to the staff at IAU. Both the academic and non-academic staff at IAU were excellent and very prompt in responding to my needs. This is one of the reasons that I, being a candidate from many miles away in Sri Lanka, was able to complete the doctoral program on schedule. Read more from Ranjan Madanayake, DBA, 2009.