What is SCORE?


SCORE is a nationwide, non-profit organization supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) that is dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and small businesses start, grow, achieve their goals and succeed through education and mentorship. In this internship, students will be supervised by a SCORE counselor or staff member. Activities may include market research, planning, organizing workshops, and assisting in client consultation.


What is the SCORE Internship & BUS 645?


The SCORE internship is an 8-week internship where students experience first-hand entrepreneurship through SCORE, Los Angeles. The student must visit the LA SCORE office and assist SCORE mentors with administrative tasks, such as organizing the workshops. Students interested in this internship may even have the opportunity to sit in on a meeting between a SCORE mentor and a small-business owner. This is a great internship to apply for if you are interested in starting a business of your own, if you want to learn of the challenges small businesses face, and if you want to gain knowledge of the solutions small-business owners seek from SCORE mentors in order to expand their businesses.

It is required that students applying for the SCORE internship must register for the BUS 645 Internship Course (3 units). For this course, students will be asked to answer a discussion question each week that will revolve around what they are learning at the internship. The course allows the student to apply classroom knowledge and activities to the actual experience of incubating a small business. The SCORE internship is reserved for MBA students, however, exceptions can be made for exceptional, graduating undergraduates with a high CGPA.

How To Apply


  1. Download & complete the SCORE Application / Checklist.
  2. Provide us with your unofficial transcript via myIAU.
  3. Please note that your CGPA must be 3.0 or above.
  4. Provide us your current resume.
  5. Submit your documents to the Office of Student Support at STUDENTsupport@iau.la before the start of the session.

SCORE Learning Objectives


  • Understand the challenges and issues that small business owners encounter.
  • Recognize and analyze the different business solutions.
  • Compare and contrast the positive and negative outcomes of the business decision.
  • Observe presentations on various business topics delivered by SCORE presenters.
  • Discuss how the various business topics delivered by SCORE presenters are applied to real-world business situations.
  • Support the administrative operations of SCORE by completing various tasks as assigned by the SCORE Internship supervisor/coordinator.

Local SCORE Office


The Local Los Angeles SCORE Office Address:
330 North Brand Blvd. Suite 190
Glendale, CA 91203

Student must have his/her own mode of transportation in order to visit the LA SCORE Office. Orientation will be held at the LA SCORE Office. However, students are not limited to this location; students may attend workshops and other SCORE events in various LA locations.

SCORE Workshops / Webinar Information


If you would like to receive more information via SCORE newsletters regarding SCORE events, workshops, webinars, and more, please visit the SCORE website and submit your email address.