The mission of the International American University (IAU) is to create and disseminate knowledge, to facilitate student learning, prepare students for a career in the business field, and to promote ethical business practices according to Christian principles and biblical teachings, while capitalizing on the University’s diversity and location in Southern California area. The university will distinguish itself as a diverse, socially responsible learning community of high quality academic rigor and scholarship sustained by Christian principles.




IAU accomplishes its mission by:

  1. Promoting excellence in education through our undergraduate and graduate programs, and to prepare students for success in the global economy;
  2. Developing student critical thinking skills;
  3. Providing students with career-focused skills to achieve success;
  4. Supporting students with quality student services efforts;
  5. Assisting selected students in attaining career goals through University’s internship programs;
  6. Supporting scholarly research and professional visibility in areas valuable to business and society;
  7. Building a community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and business associates through community outreach and public events;
  8. Encouraging life-long learning;
  9. Welcoming students to explore faith with an opportunity to know and intimately understand the richness and fullness of the Christian tradition and Holy Bible; and
  10. Affirming and fostering the Christian understanding of the human person which animates the educational mission of IAU as a Christian institution.

Educational Philosophy


Education is the preparation to live a good life, and this requires more than just societal expectations, it requires wisdom, understanding, and an underlying philosophy. Education helps the individual separate the wise from the unwise, the specious from facts, and understanding from wishful thinking. Education gives a person the ability to make a sense of like the learning skills that they can readily apply to all fields of human knowledge and everyday life. At IAU we add that we feel that it is important that our students have a biblical worldview and learn the wonders of the Christian faith.

IAU’s philosophy on university education centers on critical thinking. The development of critical and analytical thinking is the key to the understanding and use of data and information. It is what allows the student to discuss and argue points of opinion and points of facts. It is the basis for the student’s formation of independent ideas, as once these are formed, they can be written about and integrated with both similar and contrasting arguments and information.

  1. In the university setting, students must achieve genuine literacy required to read and listen effectively and to be able to write and speak clearly and persuasively.
  2. Students must think critically and creatively. As students attain perceptive analysis of what they hear, read, and see, they must learn to reason carefully and correctly and to recognize the legitimacy of intuition when reason and evidence are insufficient.
  3. Students must gain intellectual flexibility and remain open to new ideas and concepts. They must have a breadth of mind to be willing to grow and learn, and be sensitive to others’ views and feelings.
  4. It is important that students consider Christian ethical perspectives, in order that they can understand their own values and discover the underlying ethical dimensions of many of the decisions they must make.
  5. Understanding and practicing scientific methods is one of the cornerstones of a university education. This approach to knowledge forms the basis of scientific, social, and business research. It guides the formation, testing, and validation of theories, and distinguishes conclusions that rest on unverified assertion from those developed through the application of the scientific method.
  6. Students must also develop a sense of the quantitative through mathematics, statistics, and accounting/finance in an increasingly technological society.
  7. It is vital that students develop a scene of historical consciousness, so that they can view the present within the context of the past, appreciate tradition, and understand the critical historical forces that influence how society thinks, feels, and acts.
  8. It is crucial that universities have students have an appreciation of the global context in today’s contemporary world. By understanding the range of physical, geographical, economic, political, religious, and cultural realities that have a strong impact on world events and business,
    students will appreciate their own culture and the various cultures of the world.



IAU is more than business education-oriented institution, but one that encourages and supports all facets of learning while concurrently promoting Christian principles and morality. IAU's goal is to be a vibrant Christian university that is committed to distinctively Christian beliefs, values and practices in accord with its mission and vision. While the university is clear about its identity as a Christian university and its foundation convictions, we are intentionally committed to living out the faith and provide an example of Christian values and morality. IAU is strongly committed to guiding our students to become socially responsible, compassionate leaders by making an enduring impact on their communities.

IAU is an interdenominational university and embraces our students of all faiths or no faith. Our hope is to introduce Christian life and principles to those of seeking a religious identity. Throughout its history, IAU has remained a vibrant Christian university that is committed to distinctively Christian beliefs, values and practices in accord with our mission and vision. While the university is clear about its identity as a Christian university and its foundational convictions, we are intentionally committed to living out the faith within the context of our community.

At IAU, we believe that right doctrine is essential and we are committed to the foundational beliefs that distinguish Christianity from other worldviews. Yet we are convinced that right practice is just as important and that following Christ must involve a living faith that is active and trans-formative for the individuals and the community that we serve. IAU’s goal is to education future business leaders who do not blindly follow an apocryphal ethical directive, but to teach our students to stand on principles that are biblically based. As a Christian university, we integrate faith, learning, work and service in an effort to honor God in all that we do, and we encourage others to join us in these endeavors.

Moreover, today’s business world is a ruthless jungle. Future business leaders with ethics and morals are needed today more than ever before.

Historically, top corporate business executives have been frequently criticized for rationalizing away proper and admirable behavior in favor of the bottom line. Middle managers take hits for swallowing their consciousness and sense of right/wrong as they blindly follow the ethics-challenged directives of top corporate management. IAU has long believed that the key missing ingredient from contemporary B- schools is teaching students how to stand on principle. This is especially important for accountants and auditors, upon whom society depends for integrity. Integrity must be nurtured and supported, and if students do not get it in college it’s unreasonable to expect them to get it in the world of business.

IAU faculty are active in scholarship, in both application and academe. IAU faculty are chosen based on a successful tenure in the real world of business, and many continue in business consulting. We feel that students benefit greatly from faculty who have actually “been there and are still doing it.” IAU faculty are credible, respectable, and respected.

What is a Christian business school?

Core Values


In support of the IAU mission and vision, the University is committed to:

  1. Provide staff, faculty and students with a stable and enjoyable work environment enriched by a culture of caring, respect, and open communication;
  2. Have a professional outlook that values innovation, ongoing self-assessment, creative thinking, and a willingness to lead positive educational and social change;
  3. Focus on affordable, quality instruction including undergraduate and graduate programs that promotes life-long learning and the success of our graduates;
  4. Respect for a diversity of cultures, ideas, and experiences of our staff, faculty, and students;
  5. Encourage scholarly pursuit and creative endeavors of students, faculty, and university staff;
  6. Collaborate with business, industry, the community, and governmental bodies to create affordable and accessible learning opportunities for students entering the workforce;
  7. Provide student-centered support services that are personal, responsive, and geared toward assisting students in achieving their educational goals;
  8. Have accessible, flexible, and appropriate technology in the delivery of our programs, services, and operations;
  9. Sustain the role of a good corporate citizen through community participation and support; &
  10. Exercise integrity, fairness, tolerance, and professionalism in all our operations which support our mission and vision.

Strategic Actions


The following are specific strategic actions in support of the University’s mission, vision, and core values:

  1. Creating a student-centered campus community in which all individuals are valued and diversity is embraced;
  2. Providing opportunities in classrooms and campus activities for students to realize their personal, intellectual, and professional goals;
  3. Emphasizing hands-on, experiential, and applied teaching and learning in small classes;
  4. Providing students with extracurricular activities to promote fellowship and the exchange of ideas;
  5. Providing students with interactive program and degree counseling;
  6. Conducting student workshops to prepare them for future employment;
  7. Continuing with the development and expansion of internships and service learning opportunities;
  8. Providing tutoring opportunities;
  9. Providing responsive online technical support;
  10. Enhancing course delivery with the inclusion of current technologies;
  11. Hiring well-qualified instructors with both extensive academic and business experience;
  12. Having an active instructor development program;
  13. Forging stronger extensive ties with the private and non-profit sectors;
  14. Reducing the campus carbon footprint by applying alternative energy options wherever practical.

Action Program


The goal at International American University is to provide students a quality education at an affordable price. IAU does this through the ACTION program. This program is based on not only providing quality academic sources but other support and services that will assist students as they enter into the workforce. This is accomplished through participative academic advising, valuable coursework, workshops, student activities, and available internships. The program is based on:

Academics: IAU provides quality courses with highly qualified professors who not only have the academic qualifications but have real world business experience.

Communication: IAU has an active staff and are readily available to students to help them schedule their academic program. IAU also has a highly qualified on-line technical support to assist in any questions or problems students might face in an on-line/hybrid environment.

Technology: Through the Moodle platform, students are provided supplemental material that enhances the classroom experience. IAU instructors also use modern technology in the classroom to enrich the learning experience.

Instruction: IAU professors are readily available in assisting students in their academic activities during “office hours”. Instruction not only involve lectures but also case studies, guest lecturers, and occasional field trips. IAU also conducts workshops for students on topics of interest and relevance to their academic activities. Tutoring is also available on an as needed basis.

Objectives: IAU's overriding objective is to promote excellence in education in undergraduate and graduate programs, and to prepare students for success in the global economy. This includes developing student critical thinking skills, providing students with career-focused skills to achieve success, and supporting students with quality student services efforts.

Network: An important goal at IAU is in building a network of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and business associates through student activities, community outreach and public events. On a limited basis IAU also offers valuable internship programs for students to gain real world business experience.