IAU is for students who want to understand—and influence— how the world works. IAU's academically rigorous curriculum enables students to combine serious theoretical study with meaningful real-world learning experiences. Whatever major students choose, they acquire a solid foundation and pursue in-depth study in their chosen fields.

The School of Business offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

→ Associate of Science in Business Administration (ASBA)
→ Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Graduate School of Management offers graduate degree programs.
→ Master of Business Administration (MBA)
→ Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) 


A program leads to a qualification such as a degree, diploma or certificate and usually consists of a number of courses. When you complete a course in the program, the credits for that course count towards the total credits you require to complete the program.


A course is a module of study within a program and is usually taken over one academic term. In this time you may be required to attend lectures and tutorials, complete assignments and complete exams. In some programs all courses are required, while in others there may be elective courses. In some programs, you will be required to choose between certain electives.


IAU utilizes the semester unit to award credit. One semester unit is equivalent to fifteen contact hours or the equivalent in accelerated or distance learning terms.


IAU operates on a trimester calendar. There are three (3) trimesters per calendar year. Each trimester is divided into 8-week sessions. There are 6 sessions per academic year.