Academic Calendar & Courses


The Academic Calendar contains important dates for the year. Don’t miss a deadline!!

2017 — Previous Calendars: 2016, 2015201420132012


The Course Offerings document displays all available courses being offered for the term.

Course Offerings 2017 Fall Session 1 UNDERGRADUATE
Course Offerings 2017 Fall Session 2 UNDERGRADUATE


Course Offerings 2017 Fall Session 1 GRADUATE
Course Offerings 2017 Fall Session 2 GRADUATE


The Classroom Schedule gives you a quick look at all the current courses being offered at all our campus locations.

2017 SUMMER SESSION 1 Classroom Schedule
2017 SUMMER SESSION 2 Classroom Schedule


Classroom-Hybrid and online courses follow the same academic calendar. IAU utilizes the trimester academic calendar. A trimester system divides the academic year into three equal terms, 16 weeks each. The trimesters are Spring, Summer, & Fall. Each 16-week trimester is divided into two 8-week sessions. Therefore, each trimester has 2 sessions (see below).

Each course is 8 weeks. A 3-unit course is broken into 8 Lesson intervals to measure Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Therefore, each lesson is completed in 1 week. This gives opportunities for the professor to guide, assist, and support your learning process. Within each Lesson, a student will be provided instructions and details as to how to complete the Lesson. Each Lesson is comprised of various activities or assessments to measure your level of mastery of various subject areas. Specific Chapters are assigned to read, discussion questions to be completed, or case studies to be analyzed.

SPRING (Jan-Apr)SUMMER (May-Aug)FALL (Sep-Dec)
Session 1 (Jan-Feb)Session 1 (May-Jun)Session 1 (Sep-Oct)
Session 2 (Mar-Apr)Session 2 (Jul-Aug)Session 2 (Nov-Dec)

Holidays Observed 
New Year's Day January 1
Memorial Day Last Monday of May
Independence Day July 4
Labor Day First Monday in September
ThanksgivingThursday–Friday in November
Christmas Day December 25